• David Cheung

What Should You Do Before Moving to a New Area?

Moving is always exciting, but it’s not just about choosing the apartment itself. Our agents have identified one of the biggest mistakes some people made when apartment hunting - they forgot to look into and visit the area they were moving to.

Therefore, we have two key tips for you if you are moving:

1. Pick an area according to your priorities

What do you value more? The diversity in cuisines and restaurants, the transportation network, or the proximity to major stores and supermarkets? This helps you determine what kind of area you might be interested in.

2. Visit the area in-person

Seeing the area in-person is different from viewing it from a map. For example, the area might even be hillier than you expected. Most importantly, you can see whether you like the environment in general, and what the public transportation network is like.

Extra Tip: RentWise Boston shows local businesses on our map, so you can have a better idea on what is in the area that you are interested in.

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