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Moving Tips: 2 Things you Should do Before Moving to a New Area?

Moving is always exciting, but the process is more than just choosing the apartment itself. Our agents have identified one of the biggest mistakes some people made in their apartment search - they forgot to look into and visit the area they were moving to.

Woman walking through a street in Boston

In recognizing this common mistake, our team at Rentwise Boston has generated two key tips for you if you are moving:

1. Pick an area according to your priorities

When choosing an area to live in, it is important to consider your personal preferences and priorities. Therefore it may be helpful to ask yourself questions like this: What do you value more? The diversity in cuisines and restaurants, the transportation network (e.g MBTA), or the proximity to major stores and supermarkets? Asking yourself such questions helps you determine what kind of area you might be interested in, and narrows down your search. Making this decision is especially important in Boston, as the neighborhoods within the city are all distinctly different from one another. Some areas are home to mostly college students, such as Allston with a large Boston University Population. While other areas, such as Beacon Hill, largely consist of working professionals. To learn more about the differences between Boston neighborhood’s check out our other blog: “Rental Guide: A Short Introduction to Boston's Neighborhoods”.

2. Visit the area in-person

After you choose the aspects you want to prioritize for a location, it is also important to then visit the area in person. This is because seeing the area in-person is different from viewing it from an online map. For example, the area might even be hillier than you expected. More importantly, you can see whether you like the environment in general, and if the atmosphere is one that you think you would enjoy living in.

Looking for an Apartment?

If you are looking for an apartment in the Boston area, start your search through Rentwise Boston, the platform that shows buildings. Along with actual Boston apartments, RentWise Boston also shows local businesses on our map. This way you can have a better idea about what is in the area that you are interested in.


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