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What is "Bait and Switch" in Real Estate?

Have you heard of the "bait and switch" tactic? It is a common tactic used by some agents, rental services, as well as those who post on online platforms to lure and attract prospective customers.

They do this by creating “click-baits” to lure potential customers.


You see a Boston apartment that looks glamorous listed for a great price on a rental platform with no verification processes. However, upon contacting the agent about the listing, the agent says that the apartment is actually unavailable. This agent will then try to convince you to rent a different apartment instead, one that usually costs more, is of a lower quality, and is simply something you aren't interested in initially.

This tactic not only creates frustration for you during your apartment search process, but it also wastes your time and effort.

How to Avoid this Issue:

To prevent yourself from falling victim to this scheme, try to avoid “free for all” online rental platforms. This means platforms in which anyone can upload anything without verification processes. However, Rentwise Boston is an apartment rental platform that you can trust.

RentWise Boston not only provides listings that come directly from real landlords, but we also verifies each listing twice before putting them on the platform, ensuring that every listing is real. Moreover, our platform is updated in real-time, meaning if a listing is taken, it will not be removed from the platform immediately.

Ready to look for your next apartment?

Use Rentwise Boston, the platform that shows buildings to start your search today.


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