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Local Business Owners

Would your company benefit from reaching more local customers?




Our Platform


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More Customers


Local Business Owners

Hoping to expand your customer base without paying?


Looking to reach thousands of clients through an established platform?


Looking to work with us at East Coast Realty? 

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This is About Collaboration

It is time for local businesses in Boston to rethink on ways to gain more customers. This is why RentWise Boston has launched a program that focuses on collaborating with and forming a community of small businesses.


Many new and current renters are making Boston their home and visiting our platform. We aim to help them get to know their neighborhoods better by highlighting your business.

Local Busines Owners


Monthly Visitors to Website & Platform


Current Client Base


Clients Who Moved In on Sept 1, 2021

April - August

Example of a business partner pin on our platform

What We Can Do for You

1) Platform Display

Your business will be presented on the map of our platform, highlighting your business description, contact information, and optional promotions.


People who are searching for their new homes will get an opportunity to learn more about your business.

2) Featured Webpage

Your business will be featured on a dedicated page - "Our Friends" on our website.

3) Move-In Packet

Your business will also be featured on a flyer that is part of our move-in packet for all new tenants. A great way to be discovered by a guaranteed large audience.

What You Can Do for Us

We would like to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the content that will be used, and therefore we are open to discuss further details on all advertisement details.

1) Point of Sale (POS) Displays

One option would be to display a promotional image. The images can be in different sizes and dimensions according to your preference, with the smallest available size being a countertop display (4" x 6.5"), and the largest being a poster (18" x 24").

RentWise Boston Partner Business POS Display Examples

2) Social Media Posts

Highlighting each other's businesses on social media is another way we can collaborate. We have co-branded social media templates that can be used, so that you do not have to worry about creating content.


Want to Expand Your Reach Without Paying?


In this changing and dynamic rental market, having the right marketing exposure is key. On average, there are around 1120 visitors to our website and platform each month during peak rental season*.

Listing your building here gives you a better chance to get your units rented. ​ Our quality controls touch all aspects of what we do.

From listing to move-in, our process is curated and professional.

Boston Classic Apartment Building with American Flag

*April to August

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