Be Wise. Rentwise.

Are you struggling to find an apartment in Boston? Consider this problem solved when you choose Rentwise Boston.

On our platform, we show buildings instead of individual units, with the ability to submit multiple buildings you like. Once submitted, a dedicated agent will provide  personalized apartment recommendations and the most up-to-date information for each building. This ensures that you don't waste your time endlessly browsing, helping you find the perfect apartment.

Boston's alternative way to find apartments.

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How we can help YOU.

   Our process was designed to offer a user-friendly experience for all potential clients. All you have to do is select buildings you like, while our agents build a list of real time availability based on these selections using the information you provided. This process allows one of the agents to send you actual apartments for rent based on your needs and preferences, rather than a list of units that are no longer available.  


   Whether you are looking for a studio, campus student housing, or a pet friendly place with your new roommate, our platform has got you covered!  We offer both affordable and luxury listings in every Boston neighborhood, including: Allston, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brighton, East Boston, Fenway, South Boston, South End, Seaport, and more.

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Special Deals

We have a close relationship with our landlords, so we are able to show what type of deals are available for each building. Such deals can include rental discounts and no fees.​

Add to Cart

Our "add to cart" feature allows you to select all the buildings that you are interested in with the simple click of a button

Double Quality Control

We check each listing twice with the landlord before we advertise them on our platform. You can be rest assured that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Why we are different.

We understand your frustrations and are here to help.

Boston’s rental housing market is dynamic, and inventory is always changing, as listings are not up-to-date resulting in the circulation of inaccurate information. We recognized this industry-wide issue, and developed a process aimed to work around it. While information on availability and pricing are constantly changing, building information remains relatively constant.


Therefore, when you select a building you like on Rentwise, one of our agents can leverage their experience and landlord relationships to request accurate information in real time. 

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